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DORIS provides easy access to evidence-based stroke research at

  Easy access to:
  • Current best evidence, including guidelines, systematic reviews and RCTs

  • Ongoing research

  • Priorities for future research
  A platform to:
  • Enable a collaborative approach to research activity and implementation

  • Enhance efficient resource utilisation
  Regular updates:
  • Developed and updated regularly by the Cochrane Stroke Group

  • 23865 references to 9362 trials and 1279 systematic reviews (last updated 18/01/2016)

  • Includes SIGN 108, 118 and 119 Guidelines, RCP 2012 Stroke Guidelines and NICE 2013 Stroke Guidelines
A simple registration is required before you can start using the database. Please click on Register or Login to access DORIS.
Note that search results will be saved by DORIS to help establish which areas of research are most important to our users. This information will allow us to further improve the system. No information will be stored on your own computer.
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