How to use DORIS
  • All DORIS records are coded using terms developed by the Cochrane Stroke Group.
  • The codes consist of one or more of the following : the category of intervention, the impairment or problem, the stage at which treatment takes place, and the type of stroke.
  • DORIS is updated regularly, so the coding may change as more information on a trial becomes available.
  • You may carry out a basic text search, or limit results using the filters provided. You may also search using one or more of the filters without entering any search text.
  • Unless you have a very targeted query, it is advisable to start off with fewer filters and then limit the results if required.
  • Three types of text search can be performed; a standard search, an author search and a trial name search.
Entering Text
  • If you enter more than one word, you have a choice of options on how to search.
    For example, if you type in upper limb neglect then:
    Contains all words searches for upper AND limb AND neglect [all individual words must exist for a match]
    Contains any words searches for upper OR limb OR neglect [one or more individual words must exist for a match]
    Exact phrase searches for upper limb neglect [appears exactly as typed for a match]
  • Do not enter boolean terms such as AND and OR, or unnecessary terms such as ANY, as these will either be ignored or will be unwittingly used for matching along with the other words entered.
  • Use simple truncation instead of using wildcards. For example, enter therap to search for therapy and/or therapist.
  • As DORIS is a database of stroke, every study will be stroke related and there is normally no need to enter stroke as part of the search text.
Step by Step
  1. Using the guidelines above, create your search.
  1. Click on ask DORIS
  1. DORIS will search for items which match all the requested criteria.
  1. An Options menu showing each type of available evidence will be displayed. The number of results found is shown in brackets.
  1. Select the type of evidence you wish to see.
  1. Click on ask DORIS
  1. The located data will be displayed on screen. Note that a list of references will be followed by 'End of List'. Until this appears, data will still be downloading.
  1. To view another type of evidence, change your choice in the Options menu and click on ask DORIS again.
  1. To carry out a new search, click on 'New Search' or click on the DORIS logo to return to the home page and start again.
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